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Accessible financial forecasting and reporting for your business


Introducing PurdeyInvest

Business Forecasting Made Easy

At PurdeyInvest, we specialise in financial forecasting. 
Using our unique PurdeyCast tool, we generate different forecast scenarios, track your progress and report it. We support you to forecast the future of your business.

Take the pain out of performance reporting and take control of the financial future of your business.

PurdeyInvest Services

We offer retained service to clients. We build and maintain financial models integrated with actual results (from your accounting package) and preparing pre-populated management and investor reports. We can provide virtual CFO services or bookkeeping if required or work with your CFO and bookkeeper.

  • Building a Model

  • Integrating Actual Performance

  • Investor Management and Report Generation

  • Review & Refine

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PurdeyInvest Models

After decades of cumulative experience in large corporates, small companies, hedge funds, equity capital markets and venture investing – we have built or worked with financial models of every shape, size and purpose.

So, what do we believe makes a great financial model?
A great financial model becomes a tool that helps you and your team manage your business better. It becomes your tool in financial governance and performance information.


So how do you build a model like that?

At PurdeyInvest, we encapsulate the following principles in our model builds:


Business First

Your model reflects your operations in the language you use to describe it and run it. Measure your business in the model with the same commercial acumen and approach you use every day.

Run Scenarios

Nobody knows the future and even a simple business has hundreds of assumptions in its financial predictions. Every Purdey model is designed to do scenarios analysis quickly and easily. You can vary the assumptions that are most difficult to predict and build operating plans for these to build confidence bands around the performance of your business.


Accessibility = Understanding

A good model answers your questions, like ‘what will my cash flow be next year?’ But you also need to know why with the ability to ‘drill down’ into the detail. A Purdey model is fully discoverable with groups and links all the way to the assumptions and the team are retained to answer those questions too.

Accountability = Better Decisions

Everything is 20-20 in the rear-view mirror, that’s why we track actual results monthly and line by line. You can compare business performance against any of your scenarios to see where you are performing as expected and where you are not.


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